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"I wanted to add that I have had my bracelet now for probably close to a year and half now... (it may be longer, i really can't remember), and it still looks basically brand new, and I have never taken it off!  The pictures are still beautiful, and I get asked about it by everyone. Thank you again for a wonderful product... that I will continue to cherish everyday."
Great Falls, MT 
"I just wanted to tell you that I received my dog tag last week and I love it!! The picture of my friend was excellent and it is a real comfort to be able to look at it every day and remember my fallen soldier friend. Keep up the good work and I will spread the word about your business. Thanks again!!"

Melissa Fambro
Dayton, OH
"I received my bracelet and I love it. I am very pleased with it. I wore it to the Family Readiness Meeting today and everyone commented on it. When I got home I emailed them a link to your site. I have to thank you for the time you took to email back and forth with me until I made up my mind exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to be perfect to honor my soldier. 
Thanks again,"
Sarah B.
Rector, Arkansas



"Thank you so much you have made my day a bright one.  I will wear the bracelet on my left arm so it will be close to my heart while I wait for my son to come home safely.  I will feel close to my son as I wear the bracelet.

Thank you again and keep all our soldiers in your prayers."

A Soldier's Mom

M. Westerlind

Fayetteville, NC
"In case you were wondering, my father (Ron) was an army veteran and was an inspiration to his whole family, especially his grandchildren.  He was an avid Harly rider and went to many serviceman's funerals as a Patriot Rider.  He had a heart attack while riding his cycle on the way home from delivering toys to a local hospital.  He survived the accident with 17 broken bones and various other ailments. He was such a strong person that he actually lived for 2 weeks after the accident.  His memorials went to the American Veterans With Disabilities fund.  This bracelet will bring a lot of tears to those grandchildren, but will also be a reminder that Pap will always be with them.  Thank you so much for what you do". 
Martha L.  (Ron's daughter)
Lewistown, PA
"Thank you so much for such quality work and great customer service. This will be the second bracelet I have ordered from you, not for myself, but for a friend that loves the quality of bracelet you have given to me. I know it can be a thankless job at times, but you provide such a great service to many in need.........BLESS YOU!"
Richard Williams
Vancouver, WA
"I just wanted to say I received my bracelet .  I get a lot of compliments and I wanted to say I really liked my bracelet.

Thank You"

Bobbie Aldridge

Jeffersonville, In
"Thanks for you speedy creation.  I was told you were the best to work with, and you certainly lived up to your end of the bargain".
Darilyn P.
Lynchburg, VA
"I just wanted to say that your company is so awesome! I ordered a military bracelet and you guys had it done and shipped within a few days and it was really well done , that was the fastest service I have ever received! Keep up the good work!!!!!"
Green Bay, WI
"Thank you. I am excited for my wife to get the gift. You came highly recommended by my room mate here in Iraq. Thanks for all you do to support us."
Christopher Henson
Camp Taji, Iraq
"Looks great!! Thank you very much, this is a fabulous idea!!!
Kayla Mahurin
Bonne Terre, MO
"Thank you so much for everything you do for us troops and our families."
Brian C. Rasmussen
Camp Pendleton, CA
"I received the dog tag I ordered in the mail today and it looks fantastic!  Thank you for not only making the changes the I requested and doing a great job, but for for an extremely fast delivery.  Excellent service and I am definitely a satisfied customer."
Thank you again!
Trina O
Lakeland, FL
“This is the 3rd bracelet I’ve ordered and I love them.  I'm just happy that I finally found a bracelet that I love.  None of the other companies can compare with yours.  Thank you so much.”
Amy Swanson
Ft, Stewart, GA
"I received my dog tag in the mail today - the quickest service I have ever had with any company!  The dog tag is absolutely beautiful and I am referring your site to all the unit's Soldiers and families."
Elizabeth Edmondson
Spokane, Washington
"It's perfect!  Thanks again!  I will be passing your company to all of my family and friends!" 
"This is perfect, just like the others that were ordered from you."
"I recieved my bracelet yesterday and I am very excited and proud to wear it.    Thank you so much, I will be ordering more later."
"Bracelet arrived today....thanks....they are great!!!!!"
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!! thanks sooo much!"
"I can Guarantee that you will be making more for me."
"Yes, I love it!  I can't wait to send it overseas to him. He's gonna love it! Thankyou so much!!!"
"It looks FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you so much!!!"
"Thank you so much for your prompt shipment.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas.  Your organization is wonderful."
"I LOVE IT! It looks great and I am also considering ordering more since Christmas is right around the corner. Thank you sooo much."
"u cant find a better bracelet then this thank u for haveing a wonderful item" 
"Greetings from Wisconsin.  I received my order and I am most pleased with the workmanship. Thank you. Hope to do buisness with you again."
"Thanks, it will make a wonderful heartfelt birthday present for my husband in Iraq.  I appreciate your kindness."
"My dog-tag looks great.  This is a GREAT idea to send to our troops!"
"I received my Hero Light today and I am very excited by the quality and the added touch that you put on the block is very much appreciated."
"I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and would like to carry around a picture of the reason that I am here."
"I got my order today. Thank you so much for the speedy service.  I also plan on making a  future  order.  Again thanks for the bracelet and the  dog tag they are great".
"Thank you so much for my dog tag.  It is something I will treasure and wear proudly everyday as a tribute to my fallen hero.  Your help working with me to get what I wanted and shipping it so quickly is greatly appreciated".  USMC family....Pat
"InOurHearts has played a part in the healing process and you are doing wonderful work, keep it up.  God Bless"
"It's beautiful.  Thank you so much for providing this service."   
I ordered three of your dog tags back in November. Dad's helps keep him safe and we are always with him. My three (now four) year old loves to show off his dad to anyone that will listen and I am comforted by always having my sweetheart where I can see the last picture taken of us right before he had to leave for  a year. Thanks so much for this wonderful service, superior product, speedy delivery, and ease of ordering. Your prices are also very competitive, in fact the lowest I have found at all since wanting to order a personalized dog tag. Our soldier comes home in approx. 82 days (but who's counting?) .We will cherish these "gifts of love" that "helped us all through" forever.
Maja Smith
Ft Sill Oklahoma
"After my son's sisters and brothers and close family freinds saw mine, they all wanted one so I am glad you came up with a creative way to express our love for our hero.  Thank you, my order is perfect."
"I recieved my order today. Thanks so much! I am very pleased with it. You have helped to make my husband's first Father's Day truly special. The pic on the dog tag is his newborn son that he hasn't been able to see yet since he is deployedd. Thanks so much!"
“It looks just WONDERFUL!!! You guys are the very best.  These are for my granddaughters and for me.  We’re all so proud of my son and their dad, and of all who have served, are serving, and will serve.  May God bless all of you at In Our Hearts with peace and happiness.”


"I miss my son tremendously so any comfort that I can find, such as wearing a simple bracelet, is worth a lot to me.  Thank you so much for your consideration"

"We are giving this as a gift for his OCS graduation before he goes to Kuwait.  What a fabulous keepsake for him.  May God bless you."


"Our dear friend was killed by a roadside bomb last Monday and I can't tell you what it meant to his wife and family to have these bracelets. He was loved by so many people."


"I just wanted to let you know that the dog tags came in today and I think they look great! Thank you so much."


"This is my 3rd order of these braclets can you see if you still have the picture on file, if you don't please e-mail me and I will e-mail another one. Everyone loves these bracelets and ask where I got them at. Thanks again"


"I received my bracelet today and it looks absolutely amazing.  You did a wonderful job.  You hand wrote the words "Thank you for remembering our heroes" ....however.... We should be thanking you for making these wonderful bracelets.  It is something I will wear and cherish for the lost life of a loved one.  Your company is to be commended!  I will be ordering 2 more of them."
Thanks~Claudine Parisi~


“Thanks, my son is in Afghanistan now and he is the one who saw my bracelet and wanted one.  When he was home on leave he showed me the one he had for a friend that he got from another organization and it was really flimsy and did not stand up to the work he does.  He is in the infantry with the Army and is proud to be serving our country and to be able to pay tribute to an old friend and wear a daily reminder to pray for his survivors”.
  Groton, SD


"I LOVE IT! Thank you,"
A. from Florida


"My husband LOVES the dogtag and so did every mom & dad in my moms' group.  I have referred everyone to your site.  I hope that they take advantage of this great product that you offer.  I will be submitting another order - one for my son with hubby's picture on it for when he travels.  Thanks again."


"Thank-you for doing  this, my original of this bracelet was recently lost and i appreciate it greatly. It looks perfect and i look forward to putting it back on. thank you again."  Sgt., U.S. Army


"I got my bracelet yesturday. Thank you so much! It came out great:)
Thanks again,"


"I just wanted to say thank you for rushing this order for me. I picked up the box today and they look great. Again thanks for everything"


"Thanks so much--this has been such a privilege to find some way we can wear a "badge of honor" for him.  He is an extraordinary man in a hundred ways, but mostly, we just love him.  Thanks."


"Thank you all so much... these things are WONDERFUL!"


"Its perfect!!!!  Thanks so much"
"Exactly as I wanted it.  Thank you so much for being so accommodating."
"Very Cool!! Thanks so much!!! You guys are terrific!!!"
"It is PERFECT! thank you!"
"I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, and your bracelets and other items are a wonderful idea. A really nice service. Thank you."
 "I have received my order and i love it, i would also love to order another bracelet just like it."
"Thank you so much for your quick response.   I must say that InOurHearts is VERY quick about doing that. Last bracelet I ordered from ya'll came out perfect.   That why I have come back.  I would also like you to know I am in a military spouse group of almost 700 women... I also let them know about ya'll!"
"I would like to thank you all so much. I have a bracelet and my husband has the dog tag.  He is Iraq this time and it has been rough but he wears the dog tag everyday and I wear my bracelet everyday and I am proud to wear it and will wear it until he comes home.  With these we can feel a little closer even though we are miles and miles apart.  I have got so many remarks about my bracelet and I tell everyone where I got it.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I pray for every soldier and spouse, its not a easy thing to do I know."
sgt curtis's wife
I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much.  It is so much more than I expected. 
Superb job.  Thank you sir.
Semper Fi,
Thank you for your promp service.
US Army, Infantry

I received the bracelet and dogtags that I ordered today....what a fabulous surprise!  I received my order super quick and they are as nice as I ever thought they could be!  I never dreamed that the emailed pictures I sent could come out so clear in such a small space.  The etched pictures and printing are perfect.  My daughter and grandkids are going to love them and my son-in-law, who is in Iraq, will be so proud to wear a bracelet with pictures of his family on it.  Thank you so much for your personal, professional service.

Peggy A.

I received my bracelet today and I feel so much better for being able to bring Mitch back to work with me.  We miss him dearly.  He was a superior instructor pilot who wanted to return to Iraq to support and protect the ground troops.  The one comfort we have is knowing Mitch died while living his dream.  Mitch was an awesome human being.  Thanks for the tribute to all our fallen hero's,  Terry
"I received the bracelet. Thank you very much, it is beautiful and I will always have it to honor my former soldiers. I will definitely send your organization around to people I know, and hopefully I won't have to have another one made."   MSG US Army
"Other family members have ordered memorila dog tags,what a beautiful way to remember my son-in-law,thank you."
"I received my dog tag.  I wear it proudly.  I lost my nephew in Iraq.  We were so close.  I can't wait to get my bracelets.  I am keeping one and giving my sister (his mother) the other.  Thank you again."

"Duplicate Order #xxxx.  Both the Bracelet and the Magnet of my son get so many positive comments. The soliders of my son's platoon purchased us a different style of bracelet, but it doesn't have his picture, so I just don't wear it. Your bracelet with my son's picture gives me strength. I just have to look down to my wrist, and there is my brave, smiling son. I miss him terribly, but your bracelet helps ease the pain a bit.   Thank you for a wonderful product, and company."

"My parents are just going to flip when I surprise them with the bracelets".

"It looks great. Thank you so much my husband will love it.
Also, this means a lot to me for you to be able to do something like this."
"Thank you all for the wonderful work you do. As a Gold Star Mother you will never know how much we appreciate what you do for us. God Bless "